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Drunk Guys in a Bar


Below is a video that every guy needs to watch. As a bartender, I see guys do stupid, drunk things all night long. Regardless of how drunk one may be, I am convinced that guys are unaware of what they look like when trying to hit on a girl or how evidently drunk they appear after having a few shots.

My friend Haley and I decided to make a video to show you guys what you look like when you get obnoxiously drunk in a bar.I am sure most guys will watch this and think, “I don’t look like that.” But trust me here, please. YOU DO LOOK LIKE THIS. I am here to show you, to help you, and to prevent you from looking like this next Friday when you go out with the boys.

Haley worked as a bartender for about a year in two different bars in Houma, Louisiana. She is also a girl who witnesses disasters from the “patron side” of the bar. Together we dressed as boys and went out to paint the town red! Here this the documentation of our adventure:


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