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Mezcal “con gusano”

A common misconception among many people is that they can go to Mexico and purchase a bottle of tequila that has a worm in the bottle. Technically, this is impossible.

Tequila comes from a form of liquor called mezcal. Mezcal is any spirit that is formed from an agave plant. Because tequila is much more well known than mezcal, a random Mexican decided years ago to become a marketing genius. He thought that by selling bottles of mezcal with a worm in it, more people would buy it. (This should probably result in the opposite if you think about it!)

Being the wild Americans that we are, WE BOUGHT INTO IT! Though many people still have no idea that they are drinking mezcal, that Mexican still made his money!

Click the picture below to see what these “worms” really are, where the bugs come from, and to learn some differences between tequila and mezcal.worm


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