Thanksgiving Eve

Nationally, Thanksgiving Eve is always the most anticipated night of the year to go out. For many bartenders, the night is known as ‘Black Wednesday” because of the known craziness of the night.

Black Wednesday is the unofficial high school reunion night across the country! There are 5 main reasons why everybody should go out on Thanksgiving Eve. They are:

5. Everybody is back in town for the holiday.

4. Many venues hold a Thanksgiving Eve/Black Wednesday Party

3. Nobody has work the next day.

2. All you have to do the next day is be lazy and eat.

1. No matter what happens, everybody is leaving town in 2 days!

Remember to stay thankful for great times with friends and of course, alcohol! Happy Thanksgiving!



National Vodka Day


Happy late National Vodka Day! The holiday has been celebrated on October 4 since 2009. National Taco Day also falls on the same date.

I am not sure if the Russians and Mexicans planned this event or if it is a coincidence. The date was chosen at random by some random guy. Americans obviously needed another excuse to drink the distilled spirit that did not even originate in America.

Personally, I think the reason is not as important as the celebration! If you did not get to have any vodka this past Friday, be sure to make up for it next weekend.