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city barMy name is Kristen, or “Hey” to the newcomers of my bar. I took the fast track to a psychiatric degree and became a bartender 3 years ago. Working in a cocktail lounge has allowed me to view people on their best days, people on their worst days, and people on their way to being the next lead singer of Mötley Crüe (or so they think). I can appreciate the art of a crafted cocktail, as well as a line of thirty shots on the bar. I have worked in a cocktail lounge in South Louisiana, known to some as “Bar Fancy,” as well as the best dance club in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Monday through Thursday I drag myself out of bed and try to be a morning person, as I work toward my degree in Mass Communications. As most people prepare their plans for the weekend, I prepare for a weekend full of money and booze. I love hopping behind the bar knowing the night ahead will be a night unlike any other, and another night with unique sights to see. This blog is my documentation of a bar from the bartender’s perspective, a side most people never get to see.


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