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Football in the Bar

footballFootball fans in the bar are always the best people to watch. Crazy personalities unfold, and it is always interesting to hear how far some people will go to defend their team. One thing I have noticed, is although there are always different people in the bars watching the games, there are a specific list of stereotypical fans that like to include themselves in the festivities. They are:

THE GUY WHO HATES THE REF: This is the guy who no matter how fair a play is called, the ref hates his team. He will yell loudly and usually use profanity in his attempt to show the referee his anger through the TV screen. Nothing ever goes his way. Ever.

THE GUY WHO THINKS HE IS FUNNY: This guy says jokes out loud that he thinks are funny. When nobody laughs, he assumes nobody has heard hi. He then proceeds to say the joke, pun, or whatever he thinks it is, out loud again. He will continue this process until the people around him fake a laugh to get him to stop talking.

THE GIRL WHO LOVES FOOTBALL: She is usually the loudest person in the bar. She will cheer every single time the ball moves, yet she doesn’t know anything about football. She will continue to say the quarterbacks name and may enjoy looking at #20’s tattoo. She may know the difference between a field goal and a touchdown, but she has never heard of a two-point conversion. Like, go team!

THE GUY WHO YELLS AT THE TV: You’re doomed if you sit next to him. You may as well call the ear doctor now. He played football in high school and knows every rule and every play. By the end of the game, you will know them too unfortunately.


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