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Hey Baby Doll

Last night while managing, I was sitting at the bar just watching the bartenders serve the patrons. This guy walks up to the bar next to me (he, of course, has no idea that I work there) and tries to get the female bartender’s attention. He kept sticking his hand out for one second and saying “Hey baby doll!”

WHAT? Baby doll? What a creepy thing to say! Unless this was an old man talking to his granddaughter who he gave the nickname baby doll too, this is not acceptable. babydoll

I am sure he thought this sounded sweet and enticing, but I am here to tell everybody that IT ABSOLUTELY IS NOT. I kind of chuckled as I watched his failed attempt at getting the female bartender’s attention. Being called baby doll scared her away more than it drew her in, I’m sure.

Babydoll, sugarplum, pumpkin, or any other pet name you give your girlfriend is NOT okay to use to get a beer. It is almost taken as a derogatory term. Your bartender is not aspiring to be your next girlfriend; just call her “hey” like everybody else. MAYBE, just maybe, you could even ask her name!

Just stick your card or money out there or just maybe hold your hand out a little bit. Your bartender will make his or her way to you as soon as the he or she gets a chance.

Please, for the love of all vodka, do not think that your bartender thinks you are sweet because you call her baby doll. She is more likely to think you are a child molester with a creepy mustache. Gross.


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