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Rippers and Dog Bones

A few weeks ago, one of my regulars noticed that my bottle opener was looking awfully used and abused. I had been using a bottle opener called a “dog bone.” He was making fun of me because the paint was chipping off and I still could not let it go to buy a new one. I have had so many great nights working with that thing!1Later in the conversation, I told him that I had been looking into buying a new bottle opener called a “Ripper.” This guy is such an awesome person, he showed up at the bar last night with 6 brand new Rippers for me! Not only is he awesome, but so are my new bottle openers!


There are so many variations of bottle openers and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which one is going to work best before actually using it. Some bartenders like to bend the opener part of a bottle opener because it allows for faster speed when opening a bottle.

I am here to tell you that when shopping for bottle openers, you should keep the dog bone and the ripper in mind. They both work extremely well and you won’t have to bend the opener for speed.

They can both be found at http://www.barproducts.com


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