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You Want What in Your Vodka???


In honor of National Vodka Day this week, I’ve decided to research the most absurd flavors of vodka.

At the bar that I work at, we have many flavored vodkas! Some of the most bizarre include bacon, pickle, pepper, and root beer.

After researching, I found that the options get crazier. There are vodkas that taste like:

  • smoked salmon
  • gummy bears
  • buttered popcorn
  • bison grass
  • fruit loops
  • serbert
  • s’mores
  • peanut butter & jelly
  • donuts
  • tomatos
  • green tea
  • scorpions
  • cookie dough

I have no doubt that there are several other flavors that are weird, but these are the ones that I found the most interesting.

Some actually made me interested to know what they would go well with and what I could make with each vodka. Others on the other hand made me screw up my face and hope to never come into contact with them (i.e. scorpion and bison grass).


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