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Grey Goose, Schmay Schmoose


Here is a little tip that you should remember for the rest of your life, or until you win the Mega Million: Grey Goose tastes just like any other vodka when it is mixed with anything.

Vodka is a nearly tasteless liquor. Unless one is a vodka connoisseur, he or she is lucky to be able to tell the difference. It is true, however, that different brands of vodka have different hangovers to offer. Do your research and a couple tests to figure out which vodka tickles your fancy. You can save yourself a little bit of money and order the well-vodka or call-vodka when you want it mixed in a cocktail, unless you are drinking Red Bull and vodka. After drinking Red Bull and vodka all night, you will probably wake up poor (from the giant upcharge on Red Bull) and with a terrible hangover; therefore, I guess it does not really matter what vodka you mix.

If you are that girl at the bar who says your drink is gross because it is Absolut and cranberry rather than Grey Goose and cranberry, your bartender may stare at you blankly. Odds are, you cannot taste the difference.

Grey Goose is only fancy if you are drinking it on the rocks, in a martini glass, or on your birthday with a giant sparkler coming out of the bottle. When that is the case, drink on my friend!


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